Blair Hartman, 2014-2015 Nebraska FFA State Vice President

I am Blair Hartman, born and raised on a farm in Imperial, Nebraska and passionate about FFA and agriculture.       

As a child, I recall checking cows with my dad even before I was tall enough to see out the window and then later being sent on my own to round up cows. Now, I value owning my own cattle, and appreciate being able to grow my agriculture skills through my FFA SAE. I own and show cattle and pigs, and own one-third of a sucker business. My SAE projects helped me learn responsibility about the animal production industry. I also learned valuable communication skills through my contact with the local concession stand to make sure they had suckers to sell at events.

I knew about FFA for a number of years but didn’t understand my opportunities within it until I was in 7th grade, when I decided to participate in an agriculture class and became engaged in our local chapter. I enjoy leadership workshops, serving as a chapter officer, range judging, parliamentary procedure and creating market plans.        

My involvement outside of FFA included softball, serving as a basketball manager, cheerleading, speech and 4-H. By being involved in so many different activities I learned to use my time wisely and schedule practices to avoid conflicts.         

The agriculture industry is a major part of the economy in my hometown area of Imperial, and it was the source of a large portion of my family’s income. I value the way the agriculture industry works as a team to provide livestock and crop resources for our society. My goal is to communicate to society that FFA is more than farming and competitions; it is an organization that began to provide farm students with opportunities to network. Today, we continue networking, building career opportunities and growing personally. 

As I serve Nebraska FFA and begin my college career in agricultural education, I look forward to sharing my experiences and helping others identify opportunities for themselves within FFA.

Invest in what you are passionate about. Don’t wait for someone to hand you an accomplishment because you’ll wait forever. Get out of your comfort zone, work hard and be proactive. You have an outstanding amount of potential; use it, and go be awesome!



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